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Report: Solidarity with Migrants in Dover


Anti-Fascists form up in Dover.

Last Saturday there was a march by various groups of fascists in Dover; an estimated 250 people from the National Front some of the ‘Infidels’ groups, EDL, South East Alliance and others groups marched to the port to rub salt into the wounds of desperate migrants.

Despite the best efforts of the Kent Police and being outnumbered due to many choosing to go to the liberal Refugees Welcome demo in London instead, we temporarily put a halt to the march on two occasions and gave them a good bash with more carefully targeted strikes – unlike the NF who aimlessly chucked bricks and half empty beer bottles.

It appeared to me that Dover had more loose bricks than actual walls; the car park where our second skirmish took place had large piles of big chunks of brick, which the Nazis were quick to utilise.

Two of our Leeds comrades were injured by a brick and a bottle, but stayed pretty stuck in and will be fine. I saw one fash that I’m pretty sure can’t have carried on after his injury; there was blood pouring down his face from a gash on his head. I reckon that guy ended up in A&E before they reached the docks.

Soon after that skirmish the cops managed to kettle the Anti-fascists and let the Nazis out of the car park to carry on the march. After a lot of fruitless pushing and shoving we got a bit more organised and broke through with a tight triangular formation and ran to block the march route on a junction close by.

This blockade held the fash back for quite a long time, until the police managed to very slowly push us back a few metres and let them past with police vans between us and them. The resistance to this police tactic was very impressive. With missiles raining down on us we pushed back about 2-4 people deep so that it took them a long time to make enough space.

These and the other couple of confrontations that I haven’t recounted were a strong display of our willingness to physically oppose fascism and proof that our non-hierarchical organisation is far superior to their aimless hooliganism.

Overall I feel very proud of the fight we put up under the circumstances and have no critique of any of them. However I would appeal for more people to get involved in direct confrontation in defence of the vulnerable members of our society who are always at risk of the emergence of a violent far-right street movement, especially when the media is so focused on immigration.

The smaller the resistance the greater their confidence and the bolder their actions.

Join us and bash the fash!

Other reports from Dover:

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libcom.org: http://libcom.org/news/neo-nazi-mob-riots-anti-immigration-protest-1309201



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