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“Give Me My Job Back, Say Sorry, and Don’t Do It Again” – Interview With A Worker Sacked For Being Trans

A few years ago a trans IWW member was fired for using the toilet at work, but after the company was picketed by the union, they got their job back. On trans day of visibilty RABL distributed a leaflet making reference to the case and were kindly sent an interview that was done with the … Continue reading

Queers, Poverty, and Transactional Sex: Notes from the Sex Workers Festival of Resistance

 A couple weeks ago I attended the Sex Workers Festival Of Resistance in Glasgow, a 5 day conference organised by and for sex workers, with sex worker only sessions where we organised and shared skills, plus public sessions on various issues. The conference was organised by SWARM, until recently known as SWOU. I was on … Continue reading

Prohibition, the Sex Industry and the State

In a response to “The Prostitution Debate Has Become Mired in Libertarian Thinking,” Kaspar Konsequent argues for the decriminalisation of sex work as a step forwards for sex workers. Continue reading

Porn, Sex Positivity, and Working Class Solidarity

The UK’s gradually expanding porn law restrictions have been going on for years and eventually came to a climax the end of 2014, when previously existing restrictions were applied to all pornographic material made in the UK. Continue reading

Report: Leeds Radical Fair 12/9/2015

Members of Red and Black Leeds were at Leeds Radical Fair this weekend and we had a great time. This was the first of what we are hoping will be a yearly event. The organisers were very friendly and helpful. If anyone is considering asking them for a table next year we would definitely recommend it. Continue reading

Notes: Intersectional Struggle and Fighting Patriarchy

We explored the tension between identity politics and anti-oppression politics. When we’re made to feel ashamed for the categories we’re put into, it can be tempting to cling on to them as a way of countering that. As our experiences of our oppressions often follow being identified as particular a category of person, or follow our own identification with a certain group of people, it’s often simpler to base our organising around these identities. However this is difficult to do without effectively celebrating our own othering and marginalisation. Continue reading

Notes: Wageless Life

At our last reading group we discussed “Wageless Life” by Micheal Denning. This article describes how twentieth-century social democracy and state organisations established the wage-earner as the default, the norm, thereby turning the vast majority of people worldwide into an anomaly that’s invisible to society’s perception of the working class, including the workers movement. This … Continue reading

Sex Work and Sanctions – a Response

This is a response to an article on the International Socialist Networks blog which I’ve found pretty concerning. Mistress Magpie writes about the government’s decision not to allow escort ads on Universal Jobmatch, the jobcentre’s website. She seems mainly concerned with what this implies in ideological terms, less so with the real material consequences of … Continue reading

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