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Anti-racist march in Leeds – Report

On Saturday, members of RABL attended the “People Welcome in Leeds – March Against Xenophobia and Racism.” The march was called as a public expression of opposition to the rise in racist attacks since the European Union referendum. The march started assembling at the Barrel Man statue on the Headrow by Sainsburys at 12pm, and … Continue reading

♫Oh,we do like to be beside the seaside!♫

On Saturday 25th, the March for England happened in Blackpool. Well, it was supposed to. The March for England (MFE) is an event organised by a small number of far-right and nationalist types, similar to an EDL demo in the level of drinking, racism, and bad dress sense. Originally it was based in Brighton, but … Continue reading

Dennis the Menace, the Greedy Greek and the IWW laser cat

The Sheffield branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (the IWW, or “wobblies”) won its latest victory on the 23rd of November, against the Greedy Greek restaurant. The union had been informed that as well as paying workers with poor english skills less than minimum wage, stealing tips, short changing customers and forcing workers … Continue reading

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