A group of anarchist-communists working towards the revolutionary destruction of capitalism and the state.
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Meet the RABL – 4/6/19

Red And Black Leeds are having our first public social in ages so come down to wharf chambers from 19.30 onwards on Tuesday the 4th of June for some cheap drinks and free cake (cake may not resemble image).

Trans Pride 2019

On the 31st of March members of RABL attended the Trans Pride march in Leeds. There was a really good turnout and it was a lovely day. We used this opportunity to argue that in a capitalist society, the bulk of issues effecting trans people disproportionately harmed working class trans people and making transphobia a … Continue reading

Introducing Anarchism: Red & Black Reading Group 28/5/2017

What is anarchism? What do anarchists believe? What do anarchists do? How does anarchist politics apply to contemporary society? What’s the best way to introduce people to anarchist ideas? This May we’re re-starting our monthly Red & Black Reading Group. Each month we aim to talk about a different aspect of political theory, in an … Continue reading

Falling Star: Countering Gender Essentialism with Sex Essentialism

Some Definitions Patriarchy: Patriarchy is a system of domination. Historical analysis suggests it came about with the advent of agriculture and private property some thousands of years ago, for the purpose of controlling the means of reproduction. People who were able to give birth were given the role of “woman” and became dominated by “men” … Continue reading

Slogan of the Month: June 2016

“When we occupy the churches, you are scandalised, religious bigots! You who threatened us with hell, we have come to eat at your table, at Saint Nizier.” sex workers occupying the Church of St Nizier in France during an eight-day strike in 1975

Social Anarchism and Organisation – Red and Black Reading Group 29/11/2015

“Through the anarchist organisation anarchists articulate themselves at the political and ideological level, in order to put into practice revolutionary politics and to devise the means – the way of working – that should point to the final objectives: social revolution and libertarian socialism.” Continue reading

Black Flags and Windmills – 26/10/2015

Anarchist author Scott Crow will be speaking in Leeds on Monday the 26th of October, from 7:30 pm at Wharf Chambers Cooperative Club. This visual and engaging presentation drawn from scott crow’s critically acclaimed book Black Flags and Windmills illustrates through stories, analysis and diverse political movement histories how individuals and communities can create collective liberation to change their own worlds by creating power from below. Continue reading

Social Anarchism and Organisation – Red and Black Reading Group 18/10/2015

“The first Congress of the FARJ was held with the principal objective of deepening our reflections on the question of organisation and formalising them into a programme. This debate has been happening within our organisation since 2003. We have produced theoretical materials, established our thinking, learned from the successes and mistakes of our political practice … Continue reading

Notes: Poll Tax Riot

At our last reading group, we discussed chapters one and four of the pamphlet “Poll Tax Riot: 10 Hours that Shook Trafalgar Square”, a compilation of personal accounts and reflections on the Poll Tax Riot in London, on the 31st of March 1990. The Poll Tax, brought in by the Thatcher government, was a much … Continue reading

Our day at the anti-austerity #JuneDemo

Today saw thousands of protestors from across England descend on London for the latest national anti-austerity demonstration, this time under the banner of the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. As usual, the demonstration saw large numbers of people from various left wing groups (and none) come together in a loud and visible display of anger against … Continue reading

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