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Meet the RABL – 4/6/19

Red And Black Leeds are having our first public social in ages so come down to wharf chambers from 19.30 onwards on Tuesday the 4th of June for some cheap drinks and free cake (cake may not resemble image).

Sex, Work and Sex Work

New pamphlet from the RABL: Sex, Work and Sex Work. Get in touch for a hard copy, or download the PDF below: sex work pamphlet

Prohibition, the Sex Industry and the State

In a response to “The Prostitution Debate Has Become Mired in Libertarian Thinking,” Kaspar Konsequent argues for the decriminalisation of sex work as a step forwards for sex workers. Continue reading

Social Anarchism and Organisation – Red and Black Reading Group 29/11/2015

“Through the anarchist organisation anarchists articulate themselves at the political and ideological level, in order to put into practice revolutionary politics and to devise the means – the way of working – that should point to the final objectives: social revolution and libertarian socialism.” Continue reading

Black Flags and Windmills – 26/10/2015

Anarchist author Scott Crow will be speaking in Leeds on Monday the 26th of October, from 7:30 pm at Wharf Chambers Cooperative Club. This visual and engaging presentation drawn from scott crow’s critically acclaimed book Black Flags and Windmills illustrates through stories, analysis and diverse political movement histories how individuals and communities can create collective liberation to change their own worlds by creating power from below. Continue reading

Social Anarchism and Organisation – Red and Black Reading Group 18/10/2015

“The first Congress of the FARJ was held with the principal objective of deepening our reflections on the question of organisation and formalising them into a programme. This debate has been happening within our organisation since 2003. We have produced theoretical materials, established our thinking, learned from the successes and mistakes of our political practice … Continue reading

Porn, Sex Positivity, and Working Class Solidarity

The UK’s gradually expanding porn law restrictions have been going on for years and eventually came to a climax the end of 2014, when previously existing restrictions were applied to all pornographic material made in the UK. Continue reading

Report: Leeds Radical Fair 12/9/2015

Members of Red and Black Leeds were at Leeds Radical Fair this weekend and we had a great time. This was the first of what we are hoping will be a yearly event. The organisers were very friendly and helpful. If anyone is considering asking them for a table next year we would definitely recommend it. Continue reading

Report: Solidarity with Migrants in Dover

Last Saturday there was a march by various groups of fascists in Dover; an estimated 250 people from the National Front some of the ‘Infidels’ groups, EDL, South East Alliance and others groups marched to the port to rub salt into the wounds of desperate migrants. Continue reading

This Is Not Our Victory

Today saw the election of North Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labour Party. His remarkable leadership campaign attracted a storm of near-hysterical criticism from both established Labour figures and the right-wing press, but gained considerable support from across the UK left. For most of the British left, this will doubtless be a cause for considerable celebration.

We’re not celebrating. Continue reading

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