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Notes: Intersectional Struggle and Fighting Patriarchy

We explored the tension between identity politics and anti-oppression politics. When we’re made to feel ashamed for the categories we’re put into, it can be tempting to cling on to them as a way of countering that. As our experiences of our oppressions often follow being identified as particular a category of person, or follow our own identification with a certain group of people, it’s often simpler to base our organising around these identities. However this is difficult to do without effectively celebrating our own othering and marginalisation. Continue reading


Notes: Poll Tax Riot

At our last reading group, we discussed chapters one and four of the pamphlet “Poll Tax Riot: 10 Hours that Shook Trafalgar Square”, a compilation of personal accounts and reflections on the Poll Tax Riot in London, on the 31st of March 1990. The Poll Tax, brought in by the Thatcher government, was a much … Continue reading

Our day at the anti-austerity #JuneDemo

Today saw thousands of protestors from across England descend on London for the latest national anti-austerity demonstration, this time under the banner of the Peoples Assembly Against Austerity. As usual, the demonstration saw large numbers of people from various left wing groups (and none) come together in a loud and visible display of anger against … Continue reading

Red and Black Reading Group 28/6/15: Intersectional Struggle and Fighting Patriarchy

This month we’ll be reading three short texts; two covering lived experiences of women and the intersecting oppressions they face and one about fighting patriarchy. We will then be leaving time for discussion, not only of the texts we read, but also about our own experiences and the intersections between various struggles and approaches to tackling patriarchy, racism, ablism, queerphobia, transphobia and other oppressions. Continue reading

Red and Black Social Club 5/6/15

The RABL are returning to Wharf Chambers for the next instalment of the Red and Black Social Club, this Friday from 6 pm. Come along and get to know your local anarchist communists in the relaxed atmosphere of Leeds’ foremost member-owned cooperative bar. Share a pint, have a natter or just chill. All are welcome, … Continue reading

Notes: Wageless Life

At our last reading group we discussed “Wageless Life” by Micheal Denning. This article describes how twentieth-century social democracy and state organisations established the wage-earner as the default, the norm, thereby turning the vast majority of people worldwide into an anomaly that’s invisible to society’s perception of the working class, including the workers movement. This … Continue reading

Poll Tax Riot: 10 Hours That Shook Trafalgar Square – Red and Black Reading Group 31/5/15

“Next thing I was up against the wall and riot cops were charging straight at us. I couldn’t move anywhere and was terrified as they came within a few fee, truncheons raised, manic frenzied looks on their faces. A moment later they were gone, swallowed from my view as the crowd stood its ground and … Continue reading

This Is Not Our Defeat

The results are in, and once again, the British electorate have voted in the party the rich and their friends in the media told them to. Despite pre-election predictions of hung parliaments, “progressive” coalitions, or minority governments, the Conservatives walk away from this election with a slender majority, having increased their share of seats in … Continue reading

Paradise Reclaimed: Leeds Community Project and the Freedom of Taking Action

Every time I was on site at Leeds Community Project over the few months that we were there I felt an intense freedom like nothing I’ve experienced before but hope I’ll be lucky enough to re-create many times in the future. This experience of disobedience to power never felt humiliating or dangerous or frustrating; it … Continue reading

♫Oh,we do like to be beside the seaside!♫

On Saturday 25th, the March for England happened in Blackpool. Well, it was supposed to. The March for England (MFE) is an event organised by a small number of far-right and nationalist types, similar to an EDL demo in the level of drinking, racism, and bad dress sense. Originally it was based in Brighton, but … Continue reading

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