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Work Pamphlet

A few years ago, we wrote this pamphlet with the Anarchist Federation about the nature of work under capitalism and why it needs to be abolished. For some reason we have only just got round to uploading it onto our website. You can read it through the following links: https://libcom.org/files/WORK-online-version.pdf https://libcom.org/library/work-anarchist-federation

Rent strikes are on the rise, again.

Last Monday, over 150 students at Bristol University started a rent strike in the face of increasingly unaffordable rents. This was organised by Bristol Cut the Rent, with similar campaigns being fought around the country for the past few years. At University College London, a prolonged rent strike in 2017 led to concessions of around … Continue reading

“Give Me My Job Back, Say Sorry, and Don’t Do It Again” – Interview With A Worker Sacked For Being Trans

A few years ago a trans IWW member was fired for using the toilet at work, but after the company was picketed by the union, they got their job back. On trans day of visibilty RABL distributed a leaflet making reference to the case and were kindly sent an interview that was done with the … Continue reading

Queers, Poverty, and Transactional Sex: Notes from the Sex Workers Festival of Resistance

 A couple weeks ago I attended the Sex Workers Festival Of Resistance in Glasgow, a 5 day conference organised by and for sex workers, with sex worker only sessions where we organised and shared skills, plus public sessions on various issues. The conference was organised by SWARM, until recently known as SWOU. I was on … Continue reading

Sex, Work and Sex Work

New pamphlet from the RABL: Sex, Work and Sex Work. Get in touch for a hard copy, or download the PDF below: sex work pamphlet

Prohibition, the Sex Industry and the State

In a response to “The Prostitution Debate Has Become Mired in Libertarian Thinking,” Kaspar Konsequent argues for the decriminalisation of sex work as a step forwards for sex workers. Continue reading

Falling Star: Countering Gender Essentialism with Sex Essentialism

Some Definitions Patriarchy: Patriarchy is a system of domination. Historical analysis suggests it came about with the advent of agriculture and private property some thousands of years ago, for the purpose of controlling the means of reproduction. People who were able to give birth were given the role of “woman” and became dominated by “men” … Continue reading

Porn, Sex Positivity, and Working Class Solidarity

The UK’s gradually expanding porn law restrictions have been going on for years and eventually came to a climax the end of 2014, when previously existing restrictions were applied to all pornographic material made in the UK. Continue reading

This Is Not Our Victory

Today saw the election of North Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labour Party. His remarkable leadership campaign attracted a storm of near-hysterical criticism from both established Labour figures and the right-wing press, but gained considerable support from across the UK left. For most of the British left, this will doubtless be a cause for considerable celebration.

We’re not celebrating. Continue reading

This Is Not Our Defeat

The results are in, and once again, the British electorate have voted in the party the rich and their friends in the media told them to. Despite pre-election predictions of hung parliaments, “progressive” coalitions, or minority governments, the Conservatives walk away from this election with a slender majority, having increased their share of seats in … Continue reading

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