There’s a tonne of useful resources for anarchist-communists available on the web. Below are some links to just a few.

libcom.org – Libertarian communist news site, blogging platform, and web forum, which also boasts and impressive library hosting thousands of articles on the theory and practice of anarchism, both contemporary and historical. Be sure to check out their organise page for advice and guides on everything from starting your own local freesheet to staying safe on demonstrations.

12 Rules For What – New podcast on the far right, with themes ranging from the occult, to masculinity.

AFAQ – The Anarchist FAQ, an immense work now published as two immense books. Includes chapters on almost every aspect of anarchist theory in a question and answer format. Well worth a read.

Prole.info – A resource for the angry wage worker. Website hosting a series of illustrated essays on revolutionary politics. We particularly recommend Work/Community/Politics/War.

Anarchist Federation website – The website of the UK’s largest anarchist organisation. Includes a blog and online copies of AFed’s print publications, including their free news sheet Resistance and magazine Organise, as well as an impressive back-catalogue of pamphlets.

SolFed website – Website for the British section of the IWA, the world’s oldest surviving anarchist-communist international. Their site is regularly updated with information on what the organisation is doing up around the country, plus online copies of their free newspaper Catalyst and other publications.

Red and Black Reading Group

We host a regular reading group in Leeds for anarchist-communists and others to come together and talk about revolutionary theory, with an eye to applying it in practice. If you’d like to get involved contact us directly or check the blog for the details of our next session. Past reading groups are archived below:

#1 The Revolution Starts at Home: in this reading group we discussed sexual and intimate violence and strategies for fighting against it within revolutionary movement and organisations. Download the text as a pdf here. A writeup of the discussion can be found here.

#2 Give up activism: in this reading group we discussed political activism, its limitations, and how we can move past an activist approach to social change. The original article can be found on libcom here. The notes from our discussion are here.

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