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Work Pamphlet

Work Pamphlet

A few years ago, we wrote this pamphlet with the Anarchist Federation about the nature of work under capitalism and why it needs to be abolished. For some reason we have only just got round to uploading it onto our website. You can read it through the following links: https://libcom.org/files/WORK-online-version.pdf https://libcom.org/library/work-anarchist-federation

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  • "My conception of the strike of the future is not to strike and go out and starve, but to strike and remain in and take possession of the necessary property of production." - Lucy Parsons


Red and Black Leeds is an organisation of anarchist-communists based in Leeds, working towards the revolutionary destruction of capitalism and the state. This site hosts the group’s core principles, reports and analysis relating to our day to day activity as a group.

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